Product Portfolio

Versatility and flexibility

The unique variety of products from KSR offers you a wide range of solutions in the field of level measurement technology. With its product programme the KSR KUEBLER AG can satisfy the widest range of requirements. KSR developments are individual solutions for the widest variety of applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, machine building and plant construction, in the food industry, water treatment and environmental engineering. The latest production techniques, uncompromising quality management and numerous national and international approvals are all prerequisites for the highest quality and our company's good name.


Product Portfolio

Level measurement

We operate on your level. KSR KUEBLER AG manufactures a wide range of level measuring instruments for temperatures up to 450 °C, densities from 400 kg/m³ and pressure ranges to 500 bar. Within the product spectrum, a differentiation can be drawn between products for point level measurement, for continuous level measurement and for the external measurement of level in tanks. In the field of level measurement, the KSR product portfolio covers

  • Magnetic float switches
  • Reed and magnetostrictive sensors
  • Bypass level indicators
  • Sight glass level indicators and
  • Optoelectronic switches.

Customer-specific special designs complete the KSR offering.

Additional products and accessories

The perfect complement to our wide selection of level measuring instruments can be found under “Additional products and accessories”. The comprehensive accessory programme includes a wide variety of electronic equipment required for the evaluation and indication of our sensors. Depending on the version, various standard signals are generated, e.g. 4 - 20 mA, HART, Profibus, potential-free switching outputs.

Furthermore, the KSR magnetic switches and flow monitors can be found here. Our portfolio for flow measurement includes flow monitors which display the flow continuously, without needing a power supply, working on the float-body measuring principle. The flow monitors are used for the display and monitoring of the flow of liquid and gaseous media and can be mounted in any position. With this broad product range, we can cover almost all industrial applications. Typical applications for our flow monitors are cooling systems and cooling circuits of welding machinery, laser and piping systems, dosing systems, pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems, high-pressure plants and many more.

Magnetic switches can be used as limit switches. In order to monitor movement, pairs of magnets with opposing magnetic poles are mounted on a shaft (or some other moving/rotating component), so that they pass very close to a magnetic switch. If the contact is not triggered within a specified time interval, then it is recognised that the moving component stands still or is not moving fast enough. By the same principle, number of rotations and speed can be monitored. With a suitable arrangement of magnets on a rotating assembly, magnetic switches can be used to identify the direction of rotation.